Guide to Whiskey Glassware

Splurge on a style that feels good in your hand

Toast to the finer things in life


Choosing the right glass for serving whisky is essential to maximise the drinking experience. Depending on how you’re intending to consume your whisky, there are various glasses, which each have their own characteristics.

A single rocks glass is best for anything neat, on the rocks, or for a cocktail served “down” – meaning it’s chilled, stirred, and served in a glass without a stem. A single rocks glass should be eight to ten ounces. A double rocks glass, or double Old Fashioned, should be only two ounces larger than a single rocks glass. Drink cocktails, like an Old Fashioned or a Manhattan on the rocks, out of double rocks glasses (neat drinks look too small). If you are going to choose one the double rocks glass is more versatile. Splurge on a style with a heavy-bottom that feels good in your hand.