Selecting the right hanger for your expensive suit is almost as crucial as choosing the right suit for the right occasion. Remember that storing your suit in the right manner will enhance its longevity and preserve the natural drape of the jacket and the suit trouser. Don’t make the common mistake of using cheap clothes hangers for storing your suits – they won’t do the best possible job.

• Material. Wire hangers are the least expensive type of hanger and are most often used by dry cleaners and professional laundries for that reason. They are also the least desirable hanger for your suit – they are flimsy and can collapse under the weight of garments, and the sharp shape will adversely affect the hang of your jacket. Plastic is slightly better, but high-quality shaped wood hangers are the best bet for men’s suits. They are sturdy and will hold their shape under the heaviest items. Wooden hangers are available with bars or clips for trousers.

• Shape. Always use the traditional suit hanger shape, which bends forward slightly. This shape provides support where it is needed and ensures that the jacket hangs correctly; it also prevents clothes from being hung too closely together, so air can circulate and there’s less contact between garments.

• Size. Make sure the hanger is a good fit for the size of your suit jacket. You need to make sure that the shoulder is supported in the right position to maintain its shape – an over-large hanger can damage the shoulder pads and stretch the fabric of the suit; choosing a hanger smaller than the suit size will result in premature drooping of the shoulder pads and cause irreversible damage to the fabric. Here are the sizes you need:

Chest size Hanger
40in or less 15.5in
41 to 44in 17in
45 to 48in 18.5in
50in and above 20in

• Trousers. Hanging men’s suit trouser (on traditional trouser bars) on a hanger often have a covering of felt or rubber to prevent the trousers slipping off. Clamp hangers with a inner strip of felt to hold the hem of the trousers is a good alternative, if you have the room – this way of hanging helps the wrinkles fall out.