How To: Buy A Dress Shirt Online

Ready made garments are meant to fit many — not everybody. When shopping for shirts, custom is generally the smarter way to go. The shirts are fitted and measured to your body in the way you like it, and in a way that compliments every individual’s unique shape. That being said, it can be daunting, so here are some tips for shopping for a proper fitted dress shirt.


  • No matter what shape or size you are, you should always be able to fit two fingers in the collar when buttoned.
  • There should be some chest room allowance, between 1-3 inches depending on personal fit preference.
  • There should be a nice snug fit around the wrist so that you can unbutton and button your cuffs.
  • The shoulders of your shirt should not bunch, the measurement should stop directly at the end of your shoulder.

Other than those essential tips, the rest is up to you. When going in to buy a custom dress shirt, it is good to have a strong idea of what you want. Customizations can include not just fabric material and pattern, but collar style, button placement, and stitching. Our stylists recommend coming in for a fitting, or if you aren’t able to do so, watching our easy step by step measuring tutorials online. It helps to be taking measurements off a shirt you already love the fit of. View our online selection of shirts here.