Last minute gifts – Scarves

The scarf makes a perfect last minute gift for guys.

Practical and functional,

it also adds a level of style and sophistication to any outfit.

Scarves can be worn as statement pieces that add interest and spark to a conservative look or can be more traditional pieces worn for warmth and comfort.

Keep yourself or your best man warm and cozy this Christmas with a Knot Standard Signature Scarf. These double-sided scarves are made from the finest natural Italian fibers: silk, wool challis and cashmere.

The Signature Maroon Knit Scarf works with every wardrobe, can be worn along with an overcoat or tucked neatly into a suit jacket. The deep, rich maroon color contrasts nicely with navy or darker colored suits and will add voice and flair to lighter colored spring casual jackets.

Wear it to the office, on the subway or when heading for an evening out to look sophisticated and well styled.