Knot Standard Outerwear Made With
Loro Piana Storm System®

We have utilized fabrics from the renowned Loro Piana mill for years now, and have always been impressed by their deep commitment to not only the excellence of their craftmanship, but pushing the limits of natural fibers, as well.

There is perhaps no better example than Loro Piana’s revolutionary Storm System®. An unrivaled fabric treatment system that can turn natural fibers into a waterproof, wind proof product that performs as well as any rival tech fabric.

You may be wondering what the fuss is about. The excitement around being able to offer our clients Outerwear built with Loro Piana Storm System® fabrics is this: all of the comfort, breathability, and sharp luxury of a high-end fabric, with the weatherproof confidence you would find from wearing a high-end performance jacket. All of the crisp style you demand, with the forecast-defying output you need.

We are also able to offer these Storm System® fabrics in every Outerwear style we make, essentially turning each piece into a fall/winter-ready warrior.

Storm System® consists of a deeply researched, multi-layer technology. Combining treatments applied to the outer layer of the fabric for supreme waterproofing and wind-resistance, Loro Piana then applies a treatment to the inner layer, to enhance breathability and maintain softness while also wicking away moisture.

Loro Piana offers Storm System® in a range of levels, depending on the specific fabric you choose and the requirements you have. They have also created a bio-based Green Storm System®, meant to minimize any potentially harmful effects in the environment while still delivering the technical performance required.

For our clients who demand the best from their products, there is simply no better option for a piece of Outerwear that will outperform the forecast while still allowing you to maintain that sharp, effortless look.

Explore all of our Outerwear styles featuring Loro Piana Storm System® now, or contact your Style Advisor to begin building yours immediately.