New Suit Color Combinations to Try

You’ve mastered the style basics. You already own the essentials of every well-dressed man, such as a great suit in navy or grey; maybe you even own your own classic tuxedo. Dress shirts in white and pale blue are in steady rotation in your closet, and now you’re itching to experiment. You’re looking for something to throw into the mix that will set you apart from the masses.

Ready for something new?

When you seek out custom menswear, you get the opportunity to craft your own must-have items above and beyond the basics. These are the new essentials—garments your wardrobe can’t exist without—and they’re not found in your average department store. It’s time to remix the classics with fresh new suit color combinations to take your look to the next level.

Try some fresh suit color combinations 

Fresh Suit Color Combinations

If you’re looking to change up your wardrobe, start with some bold suit colors. When you think beyond the traditional navy, black, and charcoal, a world of vibrant style opens up to you. If you’re unsure where to begin, here are three standout suit colors, complete with styling suggestions to spice up your wardrobe:


With its reputation for old-fashioned stodginess, brown is often overlooked as a suit color option. It’s time for a shift in thinking: A suit in a rich shade of brown looks fresh and of-the-moment. To make this look your own, pair a chocolate brown suit with a lavender or pale pink dress shirt and a necktie in a tasteful pattern. Consider switching things up even further by pairing that suit jacket with cream-colored chinos. You could also try a rich brown corduroy blazer with olive trousers. A brown jacket + natural trouser + light dress shirt = your new formula for sartorial success.


All-white suits are for the brave at heart or the white-tie groom—but shades of cream, beige, and tan are easy to pull off, making them definite possibilities for the style-conscious man looking to experiment with new color combinations. An oatmeal-colored casual suit is the perfect choice for men looking to stand out in a crowd; for a bolder statement, try pairing it with a patterned dress shirt. A creamy tan blazer with a brown striped dress shirt and dark trousers will give you maximum style impact.


Don’t overlook the richness and variety offered within the wide spectrum of shades of green. While green is often viewed as a difficult color to wear well, the right shade will look fresh, unexpected, and sophisticated. Avoid bright hues in favor of dusty or dark shades. A forest green suit could be your best bet for a new signature look—and when you accentuate it with a brown necktie and a subtly patterned dress shirt, you’ve got an instant fashion statement. As an alternative, pair a sage green herringbone blazer with dark trousers and an unbuttoned white shirt.


We all have grey suits in our closets—but if you’re looking for a new wardrobe essential, go for a lighter-than-light shade of grey instead of the expected slate or charcoal. You’ll look ahead of the trends in a light platinum suit and a brightly-colored necktie. Or consider stepping a bit further outside the box with a custom light grey suit in a windowpane plaid for a one-of-a-kind look.

New Variations on the Classic Suit

If you’re looking for ways to expand your options with the suits already in your closet, experiment with colors and patterns in your shirts and accessories. Within the trio of suit, shirt, and tie, pair two solid items with one patterned item, or two items in classic colors with one in an unconventional shade. Try this trick a few different ways to transform your traditional suit into something unexpected:  

Black suit with patterned accessories

The classic black suit can be dressed down—and livened up—with the addition of colorful and bold accessories. Pair a white dress shirt with a necktie in bright paisley silk, then accentuate it with a silk pocket square in a shade picked from the pattern of your tie.

Grey suit with a bright solid shirt

A well-fitting slate grey suit is already a staple in every man’s closet—but with some innovative changes, it can become the foundation for a unique outfit. This season, try pairing your grey suit with a dress shirt in blue, green, or lavender. For maximum impact, choose bright, saturated colors; for added texture, add a patterned tie in the same or a neighboring shade.

Navy suit with a striped shirt

We’ve all seen the traditional navy suit paired with a shirt in a micro check or a small blue plaid. Try something new and pair your navy suit with a striped dress shirt in red, brown, or grey. Choose thin stripes for a more conventional look, or go bold with wide statement stripes. Pair striped shirts with a solid tie in a rich shade to anchor the ensemble.

Knot Standard will help you put together a new suit color combination

Putting Together Your Newest Combo

Color is one of the best ways to play with your wardrobe. Mixing shades, patterns, and textures will have you looking like a whole new man—whether you’re wearing a brand new custom suit or remixing the suits you already have in your closet. Try some of the suit color combinations above and see how different your look can become by changing one or two simple elements. These tips will help you add personality and panache to your look, one suit at a time.

Custom-made clothing is the best way to gain access to unlimited suit color combinations. At Knot Standard, we create custom suits, dress shirts, and accessories for clients who want a unique wardrobe. Book an appointment with your personal stylist today to discover the advantages of custom clothing—and learn firsthand how a perfect fit and a one-of-a-kind personalized experience will inspire you to broaden your style horizons.