The Best Lightweight Suits for Hot Weather

No matter how hot it gets, a good portion of the year’s premier social events will be held in the summer. During these long and sweltering months, there’s no shortage of occasions for which you’ll be expected to wear a suit—even if you’d rather wear swim trunks.

How To Wear a Linen Suit

The world is brimming with mysteries: What really happens in the Bermuda Triangle? Is the Lost City of Atlantis actually lost? What’s the best season and occasion to wear a linen suit?

The Most Underrated Color In Menswear

From olive green pants to forrest green jackets, green is not a color you should leave out of your wardrobe. A versatile color, green has the ability to compliment the other neutral tones such as beige, navy, or black.

Who Wore What At The 2018 Oscars and How You Can Get Their Look

The 90th Annual Academy Awards kicked off with a bang, with the biggest highlight of the night being the red carpet. This year the men did not shy away from texture or color, while making bold statements with their tuxedos and tuxedo jackets.

With that being said, you can look as bold and stylish as the men of Hollywood. So here are our favorite looks from the red carpet and how Knot Standard can help you get them.