Knot Standard’s Movember Representative!

Can we get a show of support for Lewis, our Operations Manager, fashion guru and Knot Standard Movember representative? Can we get a show of support for Lewis, our operations manager, fashion guru and Knot Standard Movember representative?! Posted by Knot Standard on Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Choosing Your Wedding Suit

    When it comes to weddings, it’s all about her! The dress, the reception, the exotic honeymoon location… there’s little left for us to say. But when it comes to choosing your wedding suit, you should choose wisely. Most men rent a tuxedo since they’ll only be wearing it for just a few hours,…

Movember Celebrity

  Who is taking part in Movember? It’s a great charity & a lot of fun, too. Have you got any pictures you’d like to share with us? Here’s one of our favorite celeb moustaches for Movember.

Does Your Outfit Affect How People Treat You?

  Do people react to you differently based on what you wear?? Have certain outfits lent you special treatment and others yielded the silent treatment? A sharp suit could win you a seat upgrade on a plane while sweatpants could make you feel like a reject at the grocery store. Check out our suits and casual…

Knot Standard Creations

  Holland & Sherry Super 120s British Wool, special order for SFA. This suit is pictured with “The Classic Light Blue Check Shirt” – sharp look for the fall.

Pinstripe Suits

  No longer just for bankers, pinstripes are making a comeback in fashionable menswear. The new pin is European in nature, appearing on both structured British and more relaxed Italian tailoring – double-breasted optional – while always maintaining its sophisticated, business-ready air. What separates this new breed from past incarnations though is a renewed focus…


  Cuffs – chances are, you probably don’t pay a ton of attention to the types of cuffs on your shirt. For most, shirt cuffs are either “the kind that require cufflinks” or “the kind that doesn’t”. Take a look at the three types offered here by Knot Standard….two great options for the non-cufflink shirts,…


Vents: ok first what is a vent? Slightly dramatically named, these are the small slits in the back of your suit jacket. Most suits come in single (one slit) or double (two slits), or if you’re getting a tuxedo, no vent. Try a double vent for a more contemporary look and a single for a…

Shirt Collar

  Collar choice is important, no two ways about it. Shown here are the button down, straight, and cutaway. Not sure which one to choose? Let one of our Bespoke Advisers walk you through the process online or over the phone.