Signature Royal Purple Tie

Purple is the color of kings, Roman emperors and popes.

The dye used to make purple came from the Phoenician city of Tyre (now part of Lebanon on the Mediterranean coast).

Tyrian fishermen controlled the rare material, extracted from sea mollusks, and only kings and other very wealthy personages could afford the expensive dye. During the Elizabethan era ( 1558-1603), purple was reserved for members of the royal family by law, a sign of their royalty. But by a stroke of luck, an English chemist named William Henry Perkin, created a synthetic purple while trying to synthesize quinine and thus opened the color up to the masses.

Despite its widespread popularity, purple retains its ‘regal’ status and sophistication. Knot Standard’s Signature Royal Purple Tie is a classic example of using pops of color to brighten up a wardrobe and express one’s individuality and elegance. Made from Italian silk blended with cashmere or linen, the Signature Royal Purple Tie works best with a light grey or navy suit, white dress shirt and polka dot pocket square with purple accents.