Respect The Past, Perfect The Future

Reda’s story begins in 1865. Valle Mosso, in the Piedmont region of Italy. Local entrepreneur Carlo Reda founds the historic wool mill that launches his renowned textiles company, and will propel them forward until present day.

With the help of the Botto Poala brothers, relatives of a famous textile family, Reda’s mill is acquired in 1919, and positioned for its future growth. Reda continues to expand, constantly improving upon its techniques, sourcing, collections, and always balancing the past with the future.

As an institution both in Italy and abroad, Reda is well-regarded for their high quality cloths. The secret is their meticulous production process, and a generations-spanning desire to perfect their yarns. The mill’s current leaders still directly manage and control the entirety of their production chain, from the wool fleece to the final cloth.

They source their Merino wools across New Zealand, and ship the fleeces to the Reda mill in Crocemosso, where the Poala family has passed down its distinctive techniques for generations. They continue to operate in the same region where it all began, insisting that the land is as important to their identity and output as any other factor.

Beyond their long and storied history, Reda has a deep commitment to excellence in their cloths. All fabric mills must have a passion for their craft, but some–such as Reda–truly live in that world in every way.

Reda fabrics are a product of tradition and innovation, respecting the fine wool they source by turning them into finer cloths that offer exceptional softness, luxury, and warmth. For Reda, it is a neverending creative process to present collections that build upon their expertise, and to never confuse what has been for what could be.

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