Stylish Casual Wear for Men

We all know a guy who is flawlessly put together. In the office, in the bars, on the couch on a Saturday morning playing Xbox—this guy is untouchable. The difference between that guy and the rest of the world? He’s mastered the fine art of casual wear for men.

It’s possible to look amazing and be comfortableat the same time, even in a tee shirt and jeans.

We’ll examine how to craft a perfect casual aesthetic based on easily-applied parameters. We’ll suggest some key menswear pieces that will benefit every casual wardrobe. And we’ll show you how and where to shop for pieces that not only fit well and look fantastic, but are also as easy to wear as the favorite casual pieces already in your closet. Let’s get comfortable.

Look amazing while remaining comfortable

Master the Casual Men’s Aesthetic

When it comes to casual menswear, guys tend to make one of three mistakes. One: The clothing isn’t in the right size or wasn’t cut in a flattering shape for their body. Two: The material of these items is threadbare, faded, falling apart, or cheap-looking. Three: These casual items don’t seem to go together or make a cohesive ensemble. Fixing these mistakes will instantly elevate your style. Here’s how to do it:

Prioritize fit.

When shopping on the racks, it’s common for men to buy casual clothes that are too big. Instead, look for shirts whose shoulder seams line up with your shoulders and whose hemlines sits on your hips. Especially in knitwear, prioritize items that offer shaping in the waist to fit your body type. Choose pants and trousers that fit in the waist and have them hemmed to the right length so they don’t pool around your ankles. In short, choose items that fit you perfectly. Hint: Custom menswear will make this process a whole lot easier.

Demand higher quality.

Casual pieces are often made from low-quality materials. Choose pieces that feel thick and luxurious to the touch. Your knits shouldn’t pill or fade over time; your pants shouldn’t fray around the thighs, knees, or hem. Casual items see a lot more wear on average than anything else in a typical man’s closet, so resist the urge to skimp: Higher-quality materials mean your investment goes a lot farther.

Curate your style.

Consider using the principles of the men’s capsule wardrobe to craft a color scheme and a mood that fits your casual style. Are you going for the black-and-white edgy look? An effortless preppy style in beige and navy neutrals? The creative vibe of playing with pattern and texture? Make a choice and curate casual-wear pieces that you can mix and match within that framework. That way, any combination of items you put on will go together and look intentional.

Mix and max casual wardrobe pieces

Identify Key Casual Wear Pieces

In general, if you’re looking to optimize your casual wardrobe, you’ll need to invest in a few foundational pieces of clothing. These are staples that can be combined together to create any number of unique casual looks—all of which have the potential to be more stylish than the clothes you usually wear on your days off. These staples include the following:

1A great pair of dark wash jeans

2A well-fitting pair of neutral cotton chinos

3A statement layering jacket

4A high-quality jersey knit shirt—short-sleeved or long-sleeved

5A casual button-down

6A v-neck or crewneck sweater

7A clean pair of leather sneakers—in white, ideally

Each of these items should conform to the style parameters established above. They should all flatter your body shape and be in your exact size—or, better yet, be crafted to fit your body. They should be made of durable, high-quality materials that will last through many wears and wash cycles. Finally, they should all fit within your established style and color scheme. With all of these elements on your side, you’ll look as great in your off hours as you do while wearing your best business suit.

Explore custom-made and stylish casual wear

Purchase Stylish Casual Wear for Men

Now that you know exactly what to look for, the last step is finding these items. We all know how difficult it can be to shop department store racks, and we’re all used to finding knitwear that’s too small and pants that are too baggy. Custom-made clothing has the answer—and no, custom menswear isn’t just about suits.

We create suits and tuxedos at Knot Standard—but we also craft custom casual wear for men who are looking to up their style game with high-quality, well-fitting clothing that suits their personal aesthetic. We work with you to create chinos, knit shirts, layering pieces, and outerwear that help you transform your casual wardrobe into something that brings you great pride. You’re not just looking up to that guy—now you are that guy.

Schedule an appointment with a personal stylist at a Knot Standard showroom.