Where to Vacation This Winter (And What to Pack)

The importance of having a wardrobe that can travel easily with you is not lost on us – which is why we created our most practical travel jacket yet, the Loro Piana Travel blazer. Deconstructed with zero canvassing and lining, it is wrinkle resistant and has six functional pockets for all your travel essentials. Below find our favorite cooler season getaway destinations and what to bring with you when you go! 

Loro Piana : The Ultimate Luxury

It’s no secret that Loro Piana is one of the finest fabrics in menswear. Refined taste and tradition, combined with unique and gorgeous patterns and colors, blend together to make the most exquisite blazers and suits. This summer, Knot Standard has the exclusive offer of a lifetime. Loro Piana created a selection of fabrics just…