The Statement Jacket: A Menswear Must-Have

Fashion exists on a broad spectrum. Some men want a wardrobe designed to grab attention every time they leave the house, while other men prefer—or are required by their profession—to dress in a more subdued manner. Whatever your personal style preferences, everyone can benefit from ownership of a statement jacket.

The statement jacket is that one key piece you know you can trust whenever you want to dress to impress. It’s one of the most versatile items in your closet, capable of being dressed up or down as needed. If you’re looking to acquire a statement jacket of your own, here are some points to consider:

Suit Jackets, Blazers, and Sport Coats—What’s the Difference?

To some extent, the terms suit jacket, blazer, and sport coat may be used interchangeably, though there are distinctions in meaning:

Blazers are a versatile wardrobe optionThe suit jacket is the most formal of the three. It’s cut from the same fabric as the suit trousers—and, if applicable, the suit vest—and is meant to be worn as part of an ensemble. The suit jacket typically fits relatively close to the body and has few embellishments.

The blazer is a step down from a suit jacket in terms of formality and a step up in versatility. When styled correctly, it can be appropriate for semi-formal events as well as for more casual occasions. Blazers are typically cut looser than suit jackets, particularly around the shoulders, which gives you the option to add layers underneath, such as sweaters or scarves

The sport coat, also known as a sport jacket, is the least formal and the least fitted of the three. Originally worn by hunters, it’s made from loose and durable fabrics designed for the outdoors and for layering with other garments. While often very casual, a well-cut sport coat can also be extremely stylish.

The Value of a Statement Jacket

There are many ways to make a statement—loud, muted, and everything in between. A statement jacket doesn’t have to feature outrageous patterns or colors, though if your wardrobe skews conservative overall, having at least one splashy piece in your wardrobe is a great idea. A custom-made jacket designed to fit your stylistic preferences and constructed to your exact measurements will become one of your most trusted and reliable pieces, one that always makes you look and feel your best, no matter when or how you wear it.

The versatility of the statement jacket doesn’t lie solely in the number of places it can be worn, but also in the fabrics and colors from which it may be sewn. When you’re exploring your options in custom-made blazers, consider all the options in flannel, wool, cotton, silk blends, and linen. From patterns like stripes and plaids to colors like creams, blues, and greens, your options for a statement jacket are extensive.

Style Your Statement Jacket

Versatility is one of the statement jacket’s finest attributes. Of the dozens of ways to style your jacket, here are some tried-and-true combinations:

  • With a Dress Shirt and Necktie

It’s hard to go wrong with this classic pairing, especially if you’re heading to the office or to an event at which you want to look polished, yet might feel too stiff in a full suit—dinner at the home of your new girlfriend’s parents, for example. The tie and shirt are both instrumental in dressing this style up, so choose upscale fabrics like silk or poplin to add a formal touch to the ensemble. 

  • With a V-Neck Sweater and No Shirt

For informal days, skip the dress shirt and simply pair the jacket with your favorite v-neck sweater. The sweater lets you feel relaxed and less buttoned-up, while your jacket lends a professional gloss to your outfit.

  • With a Crew Neck or Cardigan Sweater and Dress Shirt

Due to their looser fit, blazers tend to accommodate crew neck and cardigan sweaters beautifully. With the collar of your dress shirt peeking out from beneath your sweater, you’ll cut an academic look that can tiptoe the line between casual and formal.

Pair your statement jacket with a crew neck sweater and chinos

Make a Statement with Custom Suiting

Statement jackets are about presenting a confident and idealized image of yourself to the world. It’s a trusted item of clothing that makes you feel your best in any scenario. When you invest in a custom-made statement jacket, it should fit perfectly and accurately reflect your personal style.

When you make an appointment at a Knot Standard showroom, one of our experienced stylists will consult with you about your wardrobe goals, your style history, and your likes and dislikes. They’ll guide you throughout the process of creating your ideal garment, whether it’s a statement jacket, a business suit, a tuxedo for your wedding, or anything else you might have in mind. You’ll be presented with a wide selection of fabrics from the world’s finest fabric mills; you’ll also be informed about all the custom options available to you. Your garment will be laser-cut and hand-sewn from a pattern based on your precise measurements. Every element of the finished product will be customized to your tastes—and it will fit you better than anything you’ve ever worn. With Knot Standard as your guide, your statement clothing will broadcast your message to the world.