From the Founders: The Travel Pants

With John Ballay


Travel has always been a fundamental part of my life, and an important part of growing our business here at Knot Standard.

Travel has come to mean a few things–in the age of Instagram, it is a vision of glamour built around faraway places. But in the more realistic sense–and more relevant to my own experience–it is the weekly transit we undertake, to build our businesses, our careers, to maintain our important relationships far and wide.

I am on a plane or train nearly every week for business, which takes a lot of planning. Flying out of New York City means substantial patience waiting out airport delays, and visiting our teams in Atlanta or Chicago, or our tailoring facilities overseas, means having pants and travel clothing suitable for all climates and situations.

The Travel Pants started as an internal project for myself and the management team here–to make pants that look sharp, but are comfortable enough that they can also be worn on an airplane. Pants that are equally appropriate to wear into the boardroom or on a warehouse floor, but have the features we required while on the move–stretch fabric that is machine washable, an elasticized waistband for flexibility, a zippered pocket for security, and unparalleled wrinkle-resistance, so keeping them sharp is effortless no matter where we are.

I know that similar to my own experiences, our Knot Standard customers are incredibly familiar with life on the road. From the stories you have shared with us, to the comments you have left with our Stylists–travel and commuting is an enormous part of your schedule. And so with a demanding travel lifestyle as the commonality, we designed the Travel Pants to do the thinking and planning for you.

Our Travel Pants are part of a larger Travel Collection from Knot Standard, and highlight our product development process that is founded on understanding how guys move through the real world. Along with our ever-popular Travel Jacket, they create a system of clothing that works harder for the man who is always on the go.

We know you expect a high level of performance from your clothing– we do, too. This is practical, adaptable style at its finest, made for the modern guy. I am extremely excited that we can now offer the Travel Pants to you and all our customers to experience for yourselves.

Keep Moving.

– John Ballay, CEO and Co-Founder of Knot Standard