What to Wear : Art Basel

It’s officially summer, and with that comes the events we’ve been waiting all year for. First up is Art Basel, which kicks off today. It’s a time for the art world & fashion world to come together in a celebration of contemporary art and expression.

If you find yourself at this event this summer, you need to go bold with your wardrobe. Art Basel is the time when you aim to match, if not upstage the artwork. You want to incorporate bold patterns with bright colors, while also keeping the fabric light for the hot summer nights.

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 10.48.42 AM

Our top picks are either a full suit in colors that pop, such as blues, greens, or warmer tones such as oranges and reds. And don’t shy away from texture or prints, the bolder the better! Pair a full suit with a cuffed ankle break and a crisp shirt, no tie. Linen is also a good option for any event in summer, so you can opt for full linen suit or linen trousers or shirt. Another great look is the short sleeved button down. Comfortable and chic, this pairs nicely with a fitted pair of trousers and you can pick how colorful or unique you want the fabric pattern to be! Book an appointment in one of our showrooms today to experience the extraordinary selection of fabrics we have in our collection.