What to Wear : Labor Day Edition

With Labor Day weekend upon us, the bitter sweet end of summer. How will you be spending your final days of Summer? Whether you’re heading out of town for a last hurrah at the beach, or staying in the city and enjoying the last of the long summer nights, here is what you should be wearing.

Lots of Linen and Seersucker

While we don’t necessarily abide by the style rules (i.e. not wearing white after Labor Day) there are certain fabrics that only have a few months’ life span once the crisp fall weather rolls around. Linen and seersucker are both extremely light weight and casual fabrics that hand away from the skin and allow airflow- in turn keeping you cool.  Seersucker is becoming more popular with designers, traditionally only available in white and blue stripes, now you can wear this fabric in solid colors or grey and white strip combos.


Our tailored shorts in linen, seersucker, and simple cotton fabrics are a summer staple. Whether you like to wear your shorts on the longer or shorter side, wear them all weekend to ensure ultimate comfort.

Summer Suit

If you happen to be going to a nice dinner over your long weekend, a linen suit or blazer is the way to go. Crisp, cool, and chic, it is the perfect look to end summer on, especially since it will have to be retired to the back of your closet right after the long weekend.